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Roof Inspections

MMI performs visual roof inspections which is crucial to maintaining your commercial or residential roof system.  We walk down the entire roof system and check all curbs, penetrations, and perimeter metal systems.  All water drainage systems are also checked to be sure they are free of clogs and debris.  Our inspections are non-invasive but we can perform core samples and test cuts if requested.  These invasive tests can offer more information on how the roof system is aging.  We can also provide moisture tests which can tell us how much of the underlying insulation has possibly been damaged by leaks.  We offer roof inspections year-round including bi-annual inspections for some of our clients.  Once the physical inspection is completed, we present the customer with an all-encompassing roof inspection report that covers condition, deficiencies, project service life, and recommended repairs with pricing, and digital photos. 

Leak Repair

MMI has been an expert at finding and repairing roof leaks for almost three decades.  We inspect the building both inside and out to gather as much information as we can about the history and severity of the leaks.  Once gathered a repair strategy can be put in place so MMI can get you in the dry.  We can also perform water tests and moisture readings to locate those real headache leaks.

Preventative Maintenance

This is the real reason MMI was founded.  We specialize in optimizing the service life you can get from your roof system.  Be it a new or old roof, preventative maintenance is key to a long lasting, leak free roof system.  Almost all manufacturers recommend a preventative maintenance plan as part of their warranty programs.  The first step to our preventative maintenance program is to have MMI complete a roof inspection.  Once completed we can recommend a repair strategy that will make sure you get a good return on investment for the most important part of your building.

Liquid Applied Coating Systems

Often referred to as “roof restoration” MMI has been recommending liquid applied systems on commercial roof systems for years.  We are familiar with all types of products ad chemistries from Acrylics to Silicones to Urethanes.  Let MMI inspect your existing roof system to make sure it is a candidate for restoration.  Roof restoration can save owners a substantial amount of money when compared to a traditional “tear off” or roof recover project. 

Latest Projects

Temporary repairs to a wind damaged roof

Repairs to leak damaged geodesic dome

 Replaced plywood and shingles

Certainteed Mainstreet D4

Clapboard vinyl siding with fully vented soffit new gutters and downspouts

Hardie Plank Installation

Installed new 5.25” Hardie Plank and Royal PVC trim

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